The Untitled Chair Project

The Video Explained

November 12, 2011
Shooting the video yesterday with my children (Connor & Lukas) was fun and interesting, I really didn't know what to expect. I approached it unscripted(except for the cards), unrehearsed and with little direction. Initially, I was just going to take shots of Lukas holding the cards and transition the images together to make a "clean" video. But after seeing the final video I felt it needed to stay as is. After I sped it up it needed a soundtrack to slow the pace down, for without music it feels a bit "Benny Hill-ish". With the blessing of singer and songwriter Lindsay Searl Barber I added her beautiful song, "Milk & Cookies". 
Connor is signing,"I love you", when he runs behind his brother Lukas.
This was a happy accident.
Lukas was done here, but with the promise of a fruit smoothie we were able to get back on track.
Connor jumping in front of the camera was completely unscripted.
Lukas was asking "How did I do?"