The Untitled Chair Project

The Personal Connection

In 1996, a close and dear friend, Doug Dietze, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Doug began chemotherapy and radiation to battle the disease, but he also needed a bone marrow transplant if he had any hope of survival. Fortunately, the donor search didn’t take long as Doug’s two younger sisters were potential candidates. During the test procedures, one sister found out she was with child and unable to donate – but the other was a match. Several weeks later, the transplant was successfully completed. 
Sadly, and despite everyone’s
best efforts, a few short months later we lost Doug. I silently promised Doug that his fight would not have been in vain. I still believe the bone marrow transplant was his best chance at survival; a chance everyone should be able to have. Now, here I am nineten years later as a father, photographer and artist in beautiful Abu Dhabi, working to make that silent promise audible through The Untitled Chair Project™.