The Untitled Chair Project

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Pittenweem, Scotland

6th September 2020

Spent the day exploring Pittenweem, a beautiful fishing village on the east coast of Scotland. I felt like I was walking around the insides of a strorybook. 
Pittenweem Harbour

Pittenweem Harbour

Pittenweem Harbour

Pittenweem Harbour

Pittenweem Harbour

St. Andrews The Home of Golf

Out and about in Saint Andrews, scouting photo locations with the chair. I've met some lovely people today, some local, some from around the world. 
St. Andrews The Home of Golf
I had the honor of crossing and standing on the historic Swilcan bridge. The very place where the champions stand. 
Caution Golf in Progress 
(Spot the historic Swilcan bridge in the background)
 Sun setting on St. Andrews 
 St. Andrews University beautifully lit at night
 St. Andrews University beautifully lit at night


I'm back in Anstruther, here in Scotland to create a ruckus! Networking and meeting new people, in search of participants. More on this later.
Low Tide
 Anstruther Harbor 
 Low Tide at Anstruther Harbor 
Castle Street

Headed Back To Scotland... Indefinitely

July 25th, 2019

Our family visas have been approved! We are relocating to Scotland indefinitely! Working on the next stage of the project, taking it on the road through Europe. 

Gallery Show At Winter Street Studios

January 14, 2019

Had a wonderful time last night,  participated in a group show at Winter Street Studios in Houston, Texas. All proceeds were donated to a friend with brain cancer. It was great seeing everyone there, thanks to all for the love and support for Amy!


August 1st, 2018

The Chair is re-assembled, we are out and about Anstruther. Scouting potential locations and meeting some new local friends.
Scotland's flag
Anstruther Harbour 

Entrance to Billowness beach 

Made It To Scotland

July 28, 2018

We made it to Scotland! The Chair is out of the suitcase and ready to be reassembled! Super excited to be here!!


July 15, 2018

The Chair and I will be headed to Scotland for a month! I will be there July 24th through August 25th.


Phone booth
Stresa, Italy
Lake Maggiore with Angera's Rocca in the background. 
Stresa, Italy 

Lake Maggiore, Lakeside.
Stresa, Italy 

Main entrance of Duomo Cathedral, Milan, Italy
Duomo Cathedral 
Milan, Italy

Work In Progress
Milan, Italy 

First Portrait In Italy

November 2017
Grazie Fabio per participare a The Untitled Chair Project

La sedia trasmette un messaggio di speranza. Informati ed entra a far parte del registro ufficiale dei donatori di midollo osseo della tua zona.  Donare Midollo osseo è semplice ed indolore.

Sto viaggiando x il mondo fotografando persone meravigliose con questa sedia speciale.

Dopo essere stati fotografati, chiedo ai partecipanti di firmare la sedia. Firmarla rappresenta l'impegno a condividere il progetto e la causa con amici, famigliari e colleghi. Ed è proprio così che la causa cresce.

Per i miei amici in Italia: per maggiori informazioni su come registrarsi e donare, cliccate qui per trovare il vostro registro Admo più vicino.

Le Polaroid del servizio fotografico con Fabio

Una delle mie Polaroid preferite 

Fabio e la sedia di fronte ad una cappella del Sacro Monte di Varese

Fabio e la sedia di fronte alla basilica del Sacro Monte di Varese

We Are Headed To Italy!

We are headed to Italy November 18th - 24th. This will be the first time the chair has been to Europe.
Stay tuned!


I had a great time photographing Swatson, the super awesome mascot for the Sugar Land Skeeters baseball team. Swatson  was fun, funny and creative during the photo shoot at Constellation Field.

Constellation Field is located in Sugar Land, Texas and has a capacity of 7500 spectators. Opened April 26, 2012 and is home for the Sugar Land Skeeters  baseball team.

Thank you Swatson ! You have added volumes to the project!

"The World's Most Traveled Chair"

August 8, 2017
A recent article published in the Houston Press.
Please CLICK HERE to view the article and slideshow.
I am thankful!
The image above is Kevin Peterson, artist and friend. Please CLICK HERE to see his work.


Jan. 13, 2016


Several months ago I had the honor of meeting Briana at Texas Children's Hospital. In this pic, I am teaching her how to load and use a DianaF+ instant film camera. Meeting Briana has inspired me to start volunteering at Texas Children's Hospital and teaching basic photography to young people in isolation on the bone marrow transfer unit. 
CLICK here to follow her inspiring journey.

This image was taken and provided by Yvonne Donis (Briana's mom) posted and shared with everyones permission and blessings. 

I LOVE her smile! I've got one too, ya just can't see it. :)

A Day With Briana Donis

October 14, 2015

I had an amazing day photographing Briana with the chair here in Houston, Texas. She is a survivor of a rare and deadly disease called Aplastic Anemia and she also a bone marrow recipient. Please click here to follow her amazing and inspiring story.
For a young person, Briana's perspective on life is brilliant and positive, she is an absolute joy to be around.  
Polaroids from our day. I love how she was creative and incorporated her yoga skills into her photo-shoot. 
I love how she signed the chair. Briana is truly a warrior princess! Her participation has added volumes to the project! I am thankful.
Briana & I with the chair, post photo-shoot.