The Untitled Chair Project

Back In Abu Dhabi

August 21, 2012

Safely back in Abu Dhabi. :) It was good seeing you Houston!

Gaby H. Houston, Texas. USA

August 15, 2012
This bridge has a special meaning to her.
I hoped our photo session at this location was therapeutic.
It was. 

Kevin Peterson USA

August 14, 2012
Kevin Peterson is an accomplished artist living and working in Houston, Texas. His paintings have an ultra-realistic look to them while incorporating interesting urban landscapes. Love his work.
See Kevin Peterson's art work here 
Behind the scenes shot with Kevin Peterson, Trigger and myself.

John Curry- Lafayette, Louisiana USA

August 10, 2012
John Curry. Father. Husband. Friend. Rock-Star.
We shot this portrait session at the Lawndale Art Center in Houston, Texas. They had beautiful graffiti on the exterior of the building. It was John's idea to incorporate the works with his photo session.
Watch and listen to John's band "Hounds Of Jezebel"  

Micah The Artist- Pensacola, Florida USA

August 9, 2012
Awesome artist. Amazing person. Loves to love and loves to be loved. He will single-handedly conquer this world one day very soon. If I could go back in time and bottle all of the laughs Micah and I have shared over the years and sell it as an alternative energy source, I would be the wealthiest man alive. He is my friend. Micah The Artist.
A behind the scene shot with Micah and I.