The Untitled Chair Project

A Day With Briana Donis

October 14, 2015

I had an amazing day photographing Briana with the chair here in Houston, Texas. She is a survivor of a rare and deadly disease called Aplastic Anemia and she also a bone marrow recipient. Please click here to follow her amazing and inspiring story.
For a young person, Briana's perspective on life is brilliant and positive, she is an absolute joy to be around.  
Polaroids from our day. I love how she was creative and incorporated her yoga skills into her photo-shoot. 
I love how she signed the chair. Briana is truly a warrior princess! Her participation has added volumes to the project! I am thankful.
Briana & I with the chair, post photo-shoot.

Sugarland Skeeters

September 16, 2015

Ira Liebman, the sports announcer at Constellation Stadium invited baseball player Neil Medchill and myself to the broadcast booth. I was given an opportunity to share The Untitled Chair Project live on the air with ESPN.
If you're interested in watching the interview, it's the Camden River Sharks VS Sugarland Skeeters. Fast forward to 1:22 for the interview.
I am thankful.
"The Entitled Chair Project"


I'm back on U.S. soil, aggressively pursing The Untitled Chair Project! Currently scheduling participants, I will be posting some awesomeness very soon!
New York City at dusk.