The Untitled Chair Project

Diana - The Camera Rig

Initially shunned by pros but embraced by the art community, the plastic toy camera known as the "Diana" is infamous for its beautiful, unpredictable faults. This inexpensive low-tech, plastic camera merges with one of the 20th century's greatest inventions; the Polaroid. This juxtaposition merger creates instant photographs with welcomed vignetting, blurring, and light leaks. The Diana with the instant back attached produces images that measure 6.2cm x 4.6 cm, about the same size as a credit card.
A $45 Diana plastic camera that produces terribly fantastic images instantly with a $75 Polaroid back, in conjunction with a $50 flash, $40 wide angle lens, $20 Nikon flash cord and a reclaimed, re-purposed Carolina Herrera gift ribbon as a camera strap = the beginnings of a new photography project.