The Untitled Chair Project

First Portrait Of The Series - Nadine Kanso, Lebanon. Artist & jewelry designer.

April, 12 2012
Photographing Nadine
The day before our scheduled photo session some friends invited me to go jet skiing for the day. The adventurous twenty something that permanently resides within me thought it was a GREAT idea! Lets fast forward through the fun filled day of sun, jet skis and yee haws... and discuss my poor physical condition the morning after. The morning of our first scheduled photo shoot, I awoke in good spirits and quickly realized I was unable to move my legs. The twenty-something that resided within me the day before has abandoned me, I. Am. In. Serious. Pain. My legs felt like I carried the jet ski all day instead of riding it. I have two options, reschedule or tough it out. 

I manned up, gathered my photo equipment and painfully loaded myself into the truck. The drive from Abu Dhabi to Dubai wasn't that bad, thanks to cruise control. Upon arrival, I was able to ease my pain- riddled, non-responsive legs out. I was struggling to walk properly and too embarrassed to fess up to my juvenile delinquent actions the day before. At one point I was trembling and sweating so much (from the pain), Nadine asked in a concerned voice "Are you okay?" I responded with a manly head nod and a squeaky little girl whimper, "Mmm... yes." 
It was worth it. I would do it again 1000 times over. Nadine was a blessing to photograph with the chair. She has added volumes to the project.
I'm thankful.